Marie action shot

Classic Mode Boss: Bloody Marie

Boss ThemeEdit

Skullgirls - The Skullgirl (Bloody Marie's Theme) Extended01:05:40

Skullgirls - The Skullgirl (Bloody Marie's Theme) Extended

Bloody Marie's Boss Theme (In Classic Mode)

Bloody Marie's Winning QuotesEdit

  1. Againest Cpend7 - "Not Even These Powers Of Yours Are No Match For Me"
  2. Againest Chaotic the Hedgehog - "You Are More Weak Then The Other Skullgirls"
  3. Againest Danny Trejo - "You Are Not A Match For Me Human"
  4. Againest Sanic - "You May Be Fast But I Am More Powerful"
  5. Againest Awesome Truth - "Not Even Teamwork Are Not A Match For Me"
  6. Againest Lamar S. Smith - "The Power of SOPA Will Not Defeat Me"
  7. Againest Kamina - "Your Drill is Not A Match For Me"
  8. Againest Makoto Itou - "You Will Not Smootch Me Human"
  9. Againest Toon Hitler - "The Nazi Army Will Not Defeat Me"
  10. Againest Cruella De Vil - "You Cannot Defeat Me Crazy Human"

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